The Cotswold Rug Care Company Ltd​
The Cotswold Rug Care Company is a family run business specialising in the cleaning and maintenance of high quality rugs and floor coverings.

We are always happy to discuss your individual needs and requirements to ensure that your rugs are cleaned using the best possible methods.
Whether your rug is stylish and contemporary, recently purchaced to keep up with current trends, or a family heirloom passed down through generations steeped in history, we will always treat it with the utmost care and consideration.
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In days long gone, rugs were cleaned by lowering them into a fast flowing stream or river until all dirt and debris had been washed away.

Fortunately today there are better ways, but we use the same tried and tested principles during our full immersion cleaning process
With Hard flooring becoming ever more popular, many people are turning back to rugs for a welcome touch of warmth , comfort and elegance.

Rugs are often the focal point of a room so it is important that they remain looking their best.

Dirt, sand, grit and many other polutants are commonly brought into our home by ourselves and our beloved pets. These are ultimately the main factors that spoil the aesthetics of a rug, making it appear dull, tired and worn.
​We offer a thorough, deep, professional clean that will rejuvenate and refresh your rug, returning it to the vibrant peice you originally fell in love with.

We hand finish and groom each rug, making sure it is looking resplendent and ready to once more grace your room.