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Fringe Repairs
Fibre Protection 
 ​Over time fringing can look tired and worn, often losing its knots and becoming frayed.  Cleaning with a conventional vacuum should be avoided as this can increase damage to the fringes of a rug. Our skilled technicians can advise you on the best course of action to take if you have damaged fringes.  
  ​We can offer a fibre protection treatment that will help keep your rug looking bright and clean for longer.  We offer a range of products suitable for all rug types that can help to repel dirt and those dreaded spills.  

Colour Corrections
 ​Sanitising and Deodorising  
  ​Dye bleed and colour transfer can happen for a number of reasons, unfortunately it if all too often down to a rug being poorly cleaned in the past. Our skilled technicians can reduce the effects of dye bleed often returning a rug back to its original colours.  

  ​We all love our pets and our pets certainly love our rugs. Unfortunately in some instances cleaning alone will not completely remove the smells that can be left behind by our beloved pets. We have an array of sanitisers and deodorisers that can tackle even the most potent of rugs. So no matter what the cause of the odour we can remove it.  

Carpet Moth Treatment

How can you avoid moths in your rug?

 Vacuum regularly, don’t forget the backs of your rugs. Pay attention to those dark, dusty undisturbed places such as under furniture and behind curtains

Springtime, rainy periods and high humidity create the optimum feeding conditions for larvae feeding. Check your rugs regularly especially during these periods.

Use a good quality rug pad, reducing the gaps and space underneath your rug will make it difficult for the moths to lay its eggs and the larvae to settle.

Remove the food source having your rugs cleaned and treated regularly with a moth repellent will help to keep moths at bay.  If you are planning on storing a rug it is advised to get it cleaned and treated first to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

Carpet Moth can and do cause catastrophic damage to rugs, even if you cant see them flying around they could be in your rug. It is estimated that  1 in 5 homes are affected.

Moths love those dark areas that we don’t tend to get to regularly such as:

     *Under or behind heavy furniture
     *Under lamps
     *Under or behind curtains and drapes.

 Moths themselves actually cause no harm to your rug.  It is the larvae they produce that does the feeding. An adult moth can lay up to 150 eggs at a time, that will hatch on average in 5 days. 

The larval stage astoundingly can last from 2-30 months. This massive variance in the life cycle is due to the availability of food. Dusty, dirty fibres of a rug provide a huge source of food. The amount of damage that the larvae can cause in this period can often be unrepairable.
Once the food source has been exhausted or if competition for food is becoming too great the larvae will hatch and become flying moths. If you see moths in and around your rugs and carpet, unfortunately the damage will already have begun.

What to look out for?

look for a sticky substance that looks like spiderwebs on the back of your rugs, it’s a sign of larvae

Look for bare spots in your rug, this is where the moths have eaten the wool fibres of your rug.  In rugs with a cotton foundation larvae will often eat the pile right off the foundation.  Keep an eye open too for loose fibres lying on the top of your rug.

Look for the presence of cocoons, if you see what looks like fuzzy grains of rice on your rug the larvae have already hatched to moths and damage will already have occurred.



If you spot any signs of carpet moth in your rug call us today and we will advise you of the best course of action and work with you to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.